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Tel: 0086-400-6776916
Fax: 00852-26681899
Add: Room 1103, Hang Seng Mongkok Building, 677 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, HongKong
Skype: wx.eric
MSN: Skype: wx.eric

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HONGKONG WEI XING TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED is committed to R&D and producing radiation (EMF/RF) shielding, anti-bacterial, static discharge, high-temperature resistant, flame retardant fabrics and conductive yarns. Our products are widely used in garments, home textiles, petroleum, chemical, electronics, medical, military and other industries.

Our main product types are silver fiber/plated, metal (stainless steel) fiber, (nickel copper/pure copper/pure nickel plated) conductive, pure stainless steel fiber and aramid fabrics. Custom specs can be done upon requirements or samples.


Guaranteeing quick reply, high quality products and considerate service for all customers, we look forward to having business cooperation with you.

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